This time, it's 10s!

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Lake Highlands, Dallas, TX

Have you put on a few pounds but still dream of getting the ball with open space in front of you? Have you been resting your legs during 7s season, awaiting the return of 15s, where there's a role for players who aren't skinny and fast?

Mudfish Rugby is for you!

The Dallas Athletic Rugby Club will host the 26th Annual Mudfish Rugby Tournament.
To help you transition from skinny-person 7s rugby into full 15s, we're offering you the opportunity to play Rugby 10s.

Mudfish (Men's): 7 players who weight 220 lbs or more must be on the field at all times.

Oldfish (Men's): 10s for Over 35s. (No weight restriction).

Ladyfish (Women's): 10s for the ladies. (No weight restriction.)

Tadpoles (U19s): for the young'uns. (No weight restriction.)

Entry Fees: Too be announced very soon!



Tournament director reserves the right to make any changes in format deemed necessary.